It’s that time of the year again…Black Friday has come and gone and the “what am I going to get ____?!?!?!” panic is settling in. Anyone else? Just me?

Usually I have completely wrapped up Christmas shopping, but not this year. I figured we could help each other out and brainstorm some gift ideas for this holiday season!

Whenever I’m looking for gifts I try to think about what that person might actually use, or if there is something they need but won’t purchase for themselves *cough Brandon cough*. If I’m stuck, I always fall back on something cozy. Pajamas, soft blankets, slippers, and candles are some things that I always end up gifting.

For the Guys

I’ve always thought that Brandon is impossible to buy things for. He never has things on his “wish list” and is low maintenance, which brings me to my first gifting tip: start making present lists in advance. Here are some of the items on my list for the guys…


For the Girls

I always approach shopping for girlfriends or female family members like I shop for myself. What would I want to be gifted? It’s always easier to shop from the heart- something sentimental, or perhaps a practical item they haven’t brought themselves to get. Check out some of my suggestions of gifts for the ladies in your lives below!



Happy shopping!


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